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Implementing an Online Reputation Monitoring Tool

Trying to manage your business’s online reputation without any software would be like trying to mow your lawn with scissors; you will get the job done eventually, though it is awfully time-consuming and hardly the most effective way of dealing with the issue. Most companies are often too busy to manually manage their online reputation, so instead they implement online reputation monitoring tools to make the management process more streamlined and easier to manage.

How does it work? These tools usually specialize in keyword tracking; keywords used by your own business, other competitors, and other businesses in the same industry. These tools will provide you with alters and notifications whenever a certain keyword has been triggered, letting you deal with any problems as they arise.

An online reputation monitor tool often comes with several features. The best part about an online reputation monitoring tool is having access to all these features all conveniently on a white label online reputation management dashboard.

Flexible updates

While there are several different software available on the market, it is best to pick a software that would allow you to receive notifications the moment your product gets mentioned online. There are other software that only sends notifications once a day, or others that requires a user to be logged into the software to receive the alerts. There are times where managing online reputation becomes time-sensitive, so it’s essential to have a software that lets you customize the way notifications are doled out.

Keyword monitoring

A good online reputation monitoring tool lets you log an unlimited amount of keywords for you to track, as many as you need for your business. There are software that limits the amount of keywords you can track, which would not be of much help to use if you’re trying to track keywords used by your own business plus those used by your competitors.

Results monitoring

Cheaper tools tend to have a limit as to how many keyword-related results they can send per month. Again, you would want to be sure that you purchase a tool that produces as many results as you need for your business.

Vast tracking system

Some tools are limited to the scope of their keyword tracking software, for example tracking only blogs and news websites, while failing to recognize Facebook, Twitter and other important social media sites. The best tools in the market are often capable of track a wide range of sites, ensuring that it covers as much ground as your business needs.

With these features and tools in mind. Be sure to do your proper research to find the right tools for your business.

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