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Examples of Powerful Prayers for Money & Abundance

A prayer is basically the act of communicating with God. It dates back to the first generation of human beings, which are Adam and his family. There are many types of prayers in the Christian tradition; they tend to vary from one religion to the other. The major divisions of prayer are; intercession which simply means praying for others, petitions involve asking God for something, penitential prayer for seeking forgiveness in case you have sinned and a thanks-giving prayer which expresses gratification. Although some people disagree, meditating is also considered a form of prayer as it involves listening to the Lord.

Powerful Prayers

Powerful prayers are perceived by Christians with a lot of reverence as prayers that don’t go unanswered. Priests and preachers at large continuously encourage their church member to recite these prayers for specific periods in order to get instant result. If the specified prayer pattern is not adhered to, Christians reciting the powerful prayers, such as the prayer for money abundance, are urged to start again. The notion of powerful prayers has also brought about a lot of criticism from conservative Christians. They believe that it is a hoax associated with cults. Others have even criticized church leaders for using it as an opportunity to do business by selling materials about powerful prayers.

Examples of powerful prayers that worked

When praying to God, you can be sure of either a yes or a no, you might also have to wait for a while too. Some Christians believe that not all prayers are the same; they believe that there is a list of powerful prayers that will definitely get a yes from God. The prayer of Jabez is regarded as a powerful prayer that work, Jabez was an honorable man who prayed to God asking him for blessings and a vast territory. That is exactly what he got. This prayer is encouraged in the modern Christian society as a powerful prayer that will give you whatever good thing you genuinely pray for. While visiting her cousin, Mary, the mother of Jesus thanked the Lord for remembering the humble in the society, she also said that generations would call her blessed. Modern Christians, especially Catholics, refer to Mary as blessed just like she prayed.
David’s prayer in Psalms chapter 25 verse 1 to 2 to God, when he was fleeing for his life is also ranked by Christians as one of the most powerful prayers around. David’s life changed thereafter till he eventually became the most powerful leader in Israel. Just like David, Christians believe that reciting this prayer for a while will definitely get you the answers you wish for. Hannah’s plea to God for a son is also another powerful prayer for a barren woman. God answered her prayer even though no one thought she could bare one at her age.
A number of Christians around the world have testified that reciting some of the prayers led to instant results, all their prayers were answered. On the contrary, others have denied the claims since none worked for them. Priests and preachers disputed the claims by explaining that such prayers can only be answered if the specified prayer patterns for each prayer are adhered to. The bottom-line is that God can only answer prayers in three ways which cannot be disputed by human beings.
In any case, belief has to be present and faith has to be strong when beginning to deal with fears from the past or present. Achieve focus and balance, and most any petition will be as powerful as can be.

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